About Us

About Us

At Rockhead Chocolates we use fine couverture chocolate from Guittard and Cacao Barry. Located in San Francisco, the Guittard family have been making chocolate since 1868. In addition to creating superior chocolate, we admire their ethical and compassionate business model. By building strong, supportive relationships with the cocoa farmers, they are able to sustain a top-quality product while advancing agroforesty, health, and gender equality initiatives.

Cacao Barry was founded in France and began producing chocolate in 1911. In 1996, they merged with Belgian chocolate producer Callebaut and are among the largest producers of gourmet chocolate in the world.

We are a fully licensed and insured LLC with up-to-date food safety and allergen certifications.

What We Do

Rockhead chocolates makes all their chocolates by hand in small batches. Our caramels are very popular. Ooey, gooey, soft, and chewy, they come in a variety of traditional favorites and there are plans to expand the caramel line.

Romantic and whimsical are common themes in the molded chocolates. You can see examples of our work in our catalogue and by checking out options for custom orders. Offerings are often seasonal and therefore the available items will change periodically. 

Quality and consistency are paramount, and we pride ourselves in delivering on that promise. Even so - because no machination or automation is used - slight variations should be expected.

Meet the Chocolatiers

Elizabeth Poussier is the founder and President of Rockhead Chocolates. Beth, as she is known, is a retired nurse who married a French pastry chef (yup, it’s a good thing). Over the past twelve years, Beth has been learning the art by making chocolates for family and friends alongside her husband, Jean-Marc. 

Jean-Marc Poussier is the Chief Chocolatier at Rockhead Chocolates. He hails from Paris where he was trained and worked as a pastry chef. He made his way to Massachusetts almost 30 years ago when a colleague recruited him to come work as a pastry chef at French Memories in Duxbury, MA. Although no longer working as a pastry chef, he still delights his family and friends with his skills and his winning personality.

 Why Rockhead?

A lot of people ask us where the name Rockhead came from. The simple answer is, we named the company after our patio.

You see, our stone patio is accidently shaped like a man with a torso, head, and arm pointing west. It happened organically as the shape of the patio changed during construction. In the end, we started calling him Rockhead. "Hey, Rockhead." "How ya doin' Rockhead." "See you later Rockhead." 

Sadly, I'm not kidding. But it stuck and we like it. In fact, our family and friends now refer to our property as Rockhead Gardens. So, it was only fitting the business follow suit.

Why Uncle Emile's Fluffernutters?

Family lore has it that my Great Uncle Emile LaCroix created the recipe for Marshmallow Fluff.

The story goes like this. Marshmallow Fluff is produced in Somerville, MA. Uncle Emile lived in Somerville. A marshmallow recipe he created was (allegedly) stolen by a door-to-door salesman named Archibald Query who sold it to candy makers Durkee and Mower.

Imagine this. My grandmother's ancestors emigrated from Nieul Sur Mer, France to Quebec. Several generations later some family members emigrated to the Greater Boston area. One of those ancestors, Uncle Emile, settled in Somerville and created the now famous Marshmallow Fluff (which gets stolen and sold to a candy company). Three generations later my husband Jean-Marc emigrates from France and marries me. We go to France on our honeymoon and travel to Nieul Sur Mer - visiting the town hall, the church, and enjoying delicious moule frite seaside. Back home, Jean-Marc teaches me how to make chocolate and (before we ever hear about Uncle Emile) we make a truffle using marshmallow fluff. We have come full circle. (Insert blown mind emoji here.)